Various Aloe Vera Uses You Need To Know

Aloe Vera is well known for its healing properties and whether you are thinking of cultivating your own plant or not, being aware of the various uses of Aloe Vera Vera will surely change the way you look at it.

1.) For Dry Skin-

Have you ever wondered why so many lotions and creams are made from Aloe Vera? This is because aloe vera has some properties similar to those of the skin. It contains nutrient-packed enzymes that can penetrate deep into the skin, providing moisture from within, unlike ordinary or synthetic creams. Your skin will get nourished with vitamins and minerals which in turn makes it healthy and glowing. If you can’t make your own gel, you can choose from a variety of aloe vera creams and lotions sold in stores. Choose a lotion with added collagen to make Aloe Vera’s moisturizing effects more effective.

2.) For Hair-

If you have thin, dry, brittle hair or you just want to make your hair grow a little faster than usual then you are in luck with Aloe Vera. This plant is packed with plenty of vitamins and minerals that are needed to make hair thick and healthy. For thinning hair, massage the gel (pure, natural gel) into the scalp for 15 minutes before showering. It will smell a bit funky but you will wash it off anyway, just shampoo your hair thoroughly.

Use Aloe Vera Shampoo and Conditioner to strengthen the treatment. Aloe vera will help stimulate hair growth and after a few weeks, you will notice that your hair is shinier, bouncier, thicker and healthier.

3.) For Poison Ivy and Insect Bites-

Itching, swelling, and redness that occur after an insect bite can be treated with Aloe Vera gel. Trust me, it works wonders! It even works better than most medicated anti-itch creams. Relief from Aloe Vera Gel is almost instant. Cut the leaf and gently open it to get the gel. Apply it directly on the skin to get relief from itching. If you don’t have your own aloe vera plant at home, buy a gel that contains at least 98% aloe vera gel.

4.) For Minor Burns-

Aloe Vera has cooling and soothing properties that make it effective in treating burns. It can also help speed up the healing process, which is why many hospitals use it on their burn patients. Apply the gel to the affected area several times a day. To treat burns from minor kitchen accidents such as oil spills or hot utensils, mix aloe vera gel and vitamin E in an airtight container and apply it to the burn until completely healed. You can also use this mixture to help reduce sunburn.

5.) For Constipation-

Aloe vera is known to be a natural stimulant laxative that acts fast to soften stools. With continued use, your body will return to its normal bowel function. Use the recommended dosage every day because if you overdo it, you will get diarrhea. If you don’t have time to make your own Aloe Vera drink at home, you can always buy commercially prepared Aloe Vera juice. Some of them are flavored so this is good news for those who like the taste of Aloe Vera.

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Other Aloe Vera Vera uses include: Treating athlete’s foot, skin allergies, acne, and eczema, prevent stretch marks and scars, reduce vaginal irritation and asthma, lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels, relieve arthritis, gout pain and heartburn Give, Help support the immune system, Reduce symptoms of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), Relieves symptoms of irritable bladder, Strengthens gums and promotes strong, healthy teeth, Stomach ulcers and helps in reducing congestion.

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